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In virtually all outdoor, walk behind, power equipment sold in the

 US, power is transferred from the engine to the transmission by a

belt. At its best, a belt loses 15% of the engine’s power in the

transfer. In reality, the percentage is much higher. Every BCS

tiller, by contrast, utilizes a spring-loaded, double cone clutch

to transfer the engine’s power. The clutch loses less than 3% of

 the engine’s power. Because it is self-adjusting, the clutch maintains

this high degree of efficiency through decades of use.

Many manufacturers couple their belt(s) to transmissions that are

nothing more than more belts and/or chain drive mechanisms. BCS tiller

 combines its clutch with super-efficient transmissions of shafts and


The bottom line -- more power delivered to the working end of the

tool means better performance. The BCS garden tillers easily converts sod

into seedbed; the chipper smoothly chips 3” diameter limbs; the snow

 thrower is more like a snow cannon; and the sickle bar mower effortlessly

 shears off 1 ½” diameter saplings.

And, because of the all-gear-drive, the BCS is more compact and easier

 to handle than its bulky competitors.

All BCS garden tillers transmissions are precision-made housings, enclosing

heat-treated steel gears and shafts. These shafts are supported by

embedded ball bearings and running in oil bath. Whether it’s the

model 710 or 948, the entire BCS line is designed for commercial

 applications and decades of reliable service. Divide the price of a

 BCS tractor and attachments by its projected life, and you’ll have

 the lowest cost per year in the industry, in addition to the best


So why buy a separate power unit for every piece of seasonal, outdoor

 power equipment? That would be parallel to a farmer having a separate

 tractor for his plow, another for his harrow, and yet another for his seeder.

 By combining the tasks performed by just one tractor, the farmer saves

 money, minimizes maintenance, and has less to store.

You can now enjoy these same benefits. In just 5 - 10 minutes, rotate the

 handlebars, tighten two nuts (or just flip a lever, if you use our optional

quick hitch), and your tiller is now a mower or chipper/shredder, or snow

 thrower, ...

BCS’s garden tillers wide range of attachments and accessories maximizes your ability

 to further customize a set of tools for your unique circumstances. If you’re

mowing across steep slopes, widen your wheel base with easy-to-install

axle extensions. If you don’t get too much snow in winter, use the BCS garden tillers

dozer blade, rather than snow thrower. In short, you can now have tailor-made,

not off-the-rack, solutions to your outdoor power equipment needs.


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